What is Post-Crowdfunding?

A bit of backstory

While in the planning stages of the game we thought long and hard about how we were going to monetize this. We had seen first hand how adding a price, even something as low as 50p, can impact a game’s sales, especially one with very little budget for marketing. On the other side of the spectrum we didn’t want to go with In-App purchasing as we couldn’t think of a way that we could correctly incorporate it to compliment the gameplay. We then thought about donations and giving the players the choice to pay if they wish what was fair, although we liked the idea it felt like we were just taking money and giving nothing back in return when someone believed in us, so we came up with what we believe is a whole new concept of paying for games, Post-Crowdfunding.

So how does it work?

Imagine the stretch goals on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter. The game is already greenlit and it’s going to be created, what is raised now just adds extra goodness to the game.

Post-Crowdfunding is like that, you already have the game and can play it for free. There’s no ads, no in app purchasing or anything that tracks your stats, instead players can choose to donate a set amount inside the game.

That donated money then is added to our total, as more and more people donate the total raises and reaches our one of our goals, when a goal is met we then release/create the content that is promised when we reach said goal.  Unlockable content can range from concept art and the game soundtrack to DLC and additional content.

All content is released for free to everyone for them to enjoy.

How do I do it in Sir!?

To donate to our pool in Sir! all you need to do is go to the Donate tab in the Main Menu and follow the on screen instructions, you will however need a Paypal Account to donate. (we are currently trying out other methods of payment)

To check on the current status of the pool and what targets have been met/ are close to being met please check out the Post-Crowdfunding page.