Testers!!! ASSEMBLE!!


As you may have seen yesterday Sir is now in the beta stages, and apart from the random panic attacks of “O SHIT THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING” progress is going well.

With so much going into the game things are going to blow up and not be working correctly, although I’m a bit of a tester myself I am currently the worse person to test the game as I’m the one making it so we need some awesome people to come in and break the game. We need you!

We can’t offer money sadly but we can offer our limitless love, a free pint if I bump into you one day complete with a hug, your twitter handle in the credits of the finished game AND I will let you bug me (pun intended) with as many questions on testing theory as you can possibly think of.

Still interested? Awesome!!

You will need an Android device running 3.2 or higher, an email address and some spare time, don’t worry if you’ve never tested a game before you will be fine.

Email ash AT ranooth.com and I’ll explain the whole process and get you all set up (it’s pretty easy).