Ok, so what is this game about?

Sir! I’d Like To Report A Bug! is a side scrolling platform game currently being made for all “modern” Android devices. It features a young QA tester and his crazy week going to and fro from work, we are hoping to jam pack it with humour, references and platforming.


Who’s involved in making Sir?

We’re a small team made up of myself on code, design and production. You got me, Ash, on design and coding, Adam Grant on art and animation and Matthew Calvert on audio. Adam and Matt are highly talented and I am so glad to have them on-board.

We’re not forming any company and will be focusing on our own solo projects and jobs but we are acting as some kind of super collective to make awesome and fun little games for people to enjoy.


What do you mean by modern devices and will you be porting to other devices?

Mobile devices such as tablets and phones are awesome gaming, but personally we feel on screen controls sap the fun from a lot of ported games. As Sir! will be using on screen controls we will only be bringing it to devices with a big enough screen size to accommodate the additional controls. We’re focusing on fun here.

In future we’d love to bring it to other devices, especially the iPad and Windows 8 tablets. We will just have to see what happens with the Android version first.


When will the game be out?

When it’s ready, and I guess that’s going to be around the end of September time.


How much will it cost?

Sir! will be 100% totally free to download and play. No analytics, no adverts and no in-app purchasing. We want to make a game for people to have fun with and share with their friends and so will not be putting any kind of pay wall up. We will however be using what we call “Post-Crowdfunding”. Check out What is Post-Crowdfunding? for more details.


What can I do/say now to help?

Not really much right now, but when we start to near the release any kind of press, shout out or general advertising to friends would be a brilliant help. Like I’ve said we just want to make something that someone can enjoy and spread it with as many people as possible, we will need all you awesome people to help spread the word!